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AWWW YEEAAH! This is freaking rad guys! aboslutely well done! Everytime I go to create music I always imagine what kind of visuals it would go with and when I made 'Go Beyond' this is exactly what I had in mind! Just flashy power fights going beyond limitation. That's exactly what you did here, well done again.

oxob3000 responds:

Glad we could make your song justice :)

Such an enchanting voice and sung with such grace... My heart melts for this.


I had a nostalgia seizure for 15 minutes even though everything about this is less than a year old. I'd watch this every saturday morning!

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This is incredible! I love the aesthetic with the colours and art style.

This is really great! It's no secret that this is a direct tribute to the classic mega man series or at least inspired by it.

I like how each stage has their own enemies, puzzle, traps, platforms etc. it seems a lot of creativity went into this and not much is recycled.

Also the charging hair buster is really cool, I like being able to charge through the different projectiles and use them accordingly. Like using the star to bounce off a wall to hit an unreachable turret.

However, I must agree that it is a touch too hard. I never really like admitting this about hard games but this seems almost unbeatable Dx. I mean have you been able to beat it during the play tests and such? if you have then I will eat my words xD.

But yeah, it seems this game takes a lot of trail and error and it's a little unforgiving when you only have 3 lives to start with. Even when approaching a level with caution I find my self wasting a life trying to figure out what something does (such as the bouncing ball post things over spikes).

Even when managing to clear a level after dying a tonne of times, there's never enough time to study the bosses patterns. Before I know it, the boss has wiped me and I'm at the start of the level again.

I feel there should be limitless lives or at least more ways to obtain lives (more pick-ups, higher drop rates or whatever). Only because the hardness switch on this is WAAAY up there. I don't this this would make the game any easier, just less time wasting. Just like dark souls really. It's super hard but you learn from your mistakes and you're not sent right to the beginning if you die a few times.

It's a little depressing when you spend so long plying through the twists and turns of a level just to get to the boss and not even be able to study it. By the time you reach it again you will have become rusty to the bosses patterns and then wiped out.

You should also let people know that they can skip the intro cut scene by pressing the 'esc' key xD.

So yeah, real nice work! It's an honour to have my music used in this :]. It's a very pretty game with nice art and cool mechanics. The levels are long and there's a lot of content to explore and be killed by, just the balance is a little thrown off by only having 3 lives.

Igmon responds:

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it seems nobody enjoyed the limited lives system, so I removed it. I wasn't getting that negative feedback on other places when people played it, oddly enough. But it's still there for the 'hard' mode.

The levels and bosses are beatable even without upgrades...well now it should be much less of a hassle. But I did beat it without dying a couple times, so you can take my word on it, I promise! :P

I was hoping I did the level design such that no trial and error by dying is necessary. I'll be more mindful of that the next time.

It completely slipped my mind about the cutscene skips to only be activated via Esc, so now there's an indication, and any key press.

Not bad. The controls are a little clunky, but once you get used to stabilizing with the space bar it becomes rather enjoyable. It gets you to concentrate and to not be too hasty, I like that.

However it is a little short but you did mention that you planned to add more levels. I would suggest more obstacle blocks (e.g a block that you bounce off when collided with) and more themes. the whole red block with blue backgrounds can get a little dull after a while. also some change in music for the themes would be nice.

Like I said not bad!

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Wow this is fantastic! You NEED to adapt to this style more often, I'd love to see what else you can do with these techniques! Even for an experimental track, this sounds like it would be perfect for some dark castle boss fight. :D

My only issue would probably be repetition. It's like you've gone DeadMau5 style and used the same melodic elements throughout, but kept it alive with the shift in instruments and modulation. However, that's not really a bad thing, I like DeadMau5. I would like to see you try more stuff like this but with more melodic action :D. Maybe some violin fills here and there or perhaps a synth lead solo, anything!

Great work!

AeronMusic responds:

Thank you very much Dutton! It's quite hard for me to stay with one style. Every song I create is different.
Also, I know it's quite repetitive. As I mentioned below, I didn't want to change more.
I shall indeed try to make tracks like this with more melodic action! Hope I will have the time for it.

Thanks again for checking this out! :D

Maaaaaaan I envy that skill! I wish I could play like this. My guitar ability goes as far as 4/4 power chords. xD

The production quality is top notch as well, you really know what you're doing. Honestly, I'm a little intimidated :P. Well done!

JDawg00100 responds:

Haha thanks! I actually don't feel like I know what I'm doing half the time with my music. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing to be honest XD. Thanks for the listen and good luck in the NGADM :D

Dude this is really well done! Very interesting and bizarre in a sense! I really like how how you used the stereo splitting to your advantage to add a nice range of atmosphere. The whole song gives me a sense of 80's nostalgia even though I was born in the 90's xP.

I can't really give any constructive criticism on this since it's so spot on so I'm just gonna gush.

You have such a great range of different synths in this and they're all played out so nicely. Everything is so different yet complements each other making each little thing stand out on it's own.

I also love the percussion you used around 1:36. That whole section is real cool since it has such a unique beat/rythm to it.

Dat 2:12 holy crap that was cool, dat stereo split melody, dat break into the glitchy beat, dat everything.

Just well done man. This track is really well mastered and composed it shows how much control you have over everything. Something like this could easily come off messy but you hit the nail on the head with this one. Keep it up!

Wayv responds:

Thanks a bunch man for the positive feedback! It means a lot to me!

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This is amazing! I love the cute style and vibrant cours!

This is a great render!

This one is fantastic! I really like the the expression and colours

NOLNIR responds:

Thanks! :)



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