Busy Musicatin'

2012-04-19 15:04:00 by DuttonsaysHi

The past few months have been awesome in terms of music making! I've been working with working with a few artists on a few different projects as well as a lot of my own stuff!

First of all is the atomicriffs youtube channel me and waterflame started to open up collaborations in the form of uh.. well battles! Where 2 artists both make some music sequences under certain ground rules and then connect them in the manner that they take turns playing or attacking ;) it's really fun! there are already a few videos involving some pretty neat artists! Check them out on The AtomicRiffs Youtube Channel

Also I composed a track to which Lorelai Lyn of AngelxAnatomy wrote and sung vocals to! she did an awesome job! check that out here ! hopefully we can work on more tracks together! :D

and finally we have my newest track:


I spent quite some time on this using different techniques and paying attention to sound detail. I'v been trying to improve on my overall production quality so I hope I pulled it off well :D be sure to tell me what you think!

Hopefully more stuff to come! if you're looking to collaborate be sure to drop me a PM! or check out the atomic riffs youtube channel I mentioned!



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2012-04-19 16:37:18

You are doing well. Keep going! :D