Hey! could do with some delicious feedback!

2011-10-18 23:01:32 by DuttonsaysHi

Yes, as the subject states, I could do with some feedback on my music. I uploaded my first attempt at a DnB track the other day and haven't heard much feedback from it (of course I'd expect that from not having any listeners) I'd just like to hear what you think :).

You can listen to it here on newgrounds, on my youtube or soundcloud (if you have soundcloud be sure to follow and I'll listen to what you have :D).

http://soundcloud.com/duttonsayshi/moo n-runn

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl2Xk5x Z3_0&feature=channel_video_title


Hey! could do with some delicious feedback!


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2011-12-13 15:20:04

Took a listen to your stuff on soundcloud. Nice stuff man! Keep it up!