Some stuff

2011-09-25 18:15:36 by DuttonsaysHi

Welp, It's about time I update this thing.

Well I left college now and I need work, so aside from making music I'll be job hunting. Earning some income will help me afford some better equipment and maybe I can start doing more interesting things! :).

I also decided to check out deviant art more now. There's some pretty awesome stuff on there, if you look past all the bad sonic fan-art and wannabe anime furry stuff that is. But I'm not one to talk I'm terrible at art, but I will be uploading some title art up there (if it's my own original work of course).

you can check it here

ALSO made some new songs as well! you can check them here on newgrounds or go to soundcloud! also if you have soundcloud be sure to follow, and I'll follow back and see what you have done :D.

Some stuff


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